Harold's Shrimp, Chicken & Pizzeria

Harold’s Shrimp & Chicken serves the best fried chicken in all of the land!

Harold’s Shrimp & Chicken proudly serves the finest fried chicken and shrimp in Chicago, IL, Downers Grove, IL, Joliet, IL and Miami Beach, FL!  Our menu features special recipes for all types of fried chicken (dark meat, white meat, breasts, tenders, wings, and gizzards), shrimp, catfish, perch, and tilapia, with combos for everyone in the family!

We took over a pizzerias that came with amazing pizza ovens at our Downers Grove and Chicago locations, so we decided to make amazing pizza to complement our shrimp, chicken and catfish. For those of you thinking about something on the lighter side, you can also enjoy our multiple salad combinations at the Downers Grove location.  

Come see for yourself!